Fuck off GOP. What’s in my pants is my business.

bathroom signby Mae Currell

Everybody knows about North Carolina by this point. The state is approaching a drought; even the clouds, I guess, aren’t sure where they’re allowed to relieve themselves.

The transgender bullshit bathroom argument is a real nasty strand of bullshit – doublespeak, Orwellian kind of bullshit. In the book 1984, the “Department of Peace” was in charge of wars. On the books in NC, HB2 is a way to “protect” women and children, while the GOP lens holds that access to healthcare, birth control, and abortions are all things that “hurt” women and children. It all deserves a big, fat fuck off.

And then there’s this guy – Trae Crowder, “The Liberal Redneck” – whose sensible talk I stumbled on this afternoon. Enjoy as he hones in on the finer points of HB2.

The Liberal Redneck, he writes, don’t rightly appreciate the prevailing rhetoric in opposition to gender neutral bathrooms. Not nary bit.


Carry on, good sir.



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