The Pitiless Stupidity of Racism & Boy Howdy!

by Mae Currell

Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve written… I’m reaching the stage of pregnancy wherein the most difficult thing I do all day is put my pants on. That doesn’t mean that I’m lollygagging around, not doing shit. It means that it is haaaaaaard to put my pants on right now.

But if I don’t, I have the chubby thigh-chafe, which is worse because it doesn’t pass. That there’s a lingering discomfort. So I’m readjusting my expectations and reorganizing my personal forces to fit my new abilities.

Which is exactly why, I think, the dumb-asses of the world have gotten as far as they have. Because the reasonable people of the world – plus the pregnant women, because our powers are outside of the generally accepted parameters of “reasonable” – know when it’s a healthy time to shift their focus inward and thus, the dumb-ass things the dumb-asses  do fly by unchecked or unprotested. This doesn’t mean we should shoot all the dumb-asses or anything crazy like that, but denying their existences gets us nowhere.

There are dumb-asses out there, y’all, and it’s healthy to admit it.
We don’t get to be assholes to the dumb-asses just because they’re dumb-asses…
But we do have to be careful with them.

(I think that’s a Jesus quote. Or at least a distillation.)

Let’s look at Hitler, for example. He’s always the best example; Hitler brings people together. He’s like cancer. Who out there says, “Hitler? Yep, great guy!” Maybe a couple of dumb-ass, self-loathing, neo-Nazi skinheads. But most  people agree that Hitler sucked.

And what a fuckin’ dumb-ass. His ideas were flat-out dumb. Have you ever tried to read Mein Kampf?  I attempted it, and failed. It was painful. Ridiculous. Perhaps it was a terrible translation. Or perhaps he was a dumb-ass.

The latter seems the most likely. But even though Mein Kampf was a shitty read, I would never recommend we burn it. Burning books is a dumb-ass idea. If you ever wonder if you’re a dumb-ass, ask yourself if you have the urge to burn books. If the answer is yes, then the answer is yes.

Stoopid, stoopid shit right there.

Now, I have a special interest in the Third Reich – not out of the smug superiority that I see many Americans enjoying, aka the We would never allow such a thing to happen in America! mentality.

We prefer our genocide further back in the national consciousness, please:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.35.58 AM


Aaaaaand we like our racism privately managed, thank you:


No, my special Third Reich interest is because the Third Reich would have taken a special interest in me. Under the (dumb-ass) Nuremberg Laws, I am classified as a Mischling Second Degree – a person with 3 non-Jew grandparents, 1 Jewish grandparent, and who was raised either Christian or non-religious. You know, a filthy mixed-breed.

I have thought how strange this is as I walk down the street (or ride in my car, because let’s face it, this is southern America where we’re not allowed to have passenger trains. I think that was part of Reconstruction. Or maybe it’s a rider on the Second Amendment; my history is fuzzy.) Anyway, regardless of my mode of transportation, I’m – for all the world – looking “white.”

White is one of the dumbest ideas there is, and here I am being it.

People think I’m white! And in innumerable, unknowable ways their mistaken belief protects me. Sure, I get harassed for having a vagina – either not showing enough of my skin or showing too much of it or breastfeeding in public or whatever other insane, immoral, slutty offense – but the danger that threatens my safety is not based on my race.

Yet stick me on another continent around 80 years ago, and fuckin’ a. My “race” was a legal designation that would have earned me a star on my shirt and a ride in a cattle car.

It’s not a huge leap from Mischling to imagine having brown or black skin, and to think about what that meant on this very continent – in these very mountains –  150 years ago, 120 years ago, 60 years ago, today.

And today’s asinine racist arguments are just as dumb-ass as the Nuremberg Laws… but for some reason, people need to see racist arguments framed in swastikas to realize just how noxious, baseless, and stupid they are.

That seems curable, but only through examination. So can we take a peek, please? I think it could save us some trouble.

Really hoping, y’all, that we don’t need our own li’l-handed Hitler or Berlin Wall to get our daggum act together.



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