What To Do If You’re Pro-Life & You Don’t Know What To Do

by Mae Currell



Saving unborn babies from the hands of abortionists is a big responsibility.

I’m going to make it simple for you.


There’s One Best Way to Oppose Abortion (But Really, 2)

There is one thing that is every pro-lifer’s absolute JOB. This is the single-most important thing anyone in the battle for the Right to Life can do. And, I’m sorry gents, this one is only for the ladies.

It is more important than protesting Planned Parenthood.

It is more essential than shaming abortionists.

It is more crucial than keeping abortion legal, but restricting its access.

It matters more than a “Choose Life: Your Mother Did” license plate*.

It’s less messy and morally confusing than shooting up an abortion clinic.

Get Ready for It

If you think abortions are wrong, DON’T HAVE ONE.

It’s that simple.

Choose to not have an abortion. Stay in alignment with your beliefs.

But it is not your job, it is not even your right to force your choice on another female.

It’s that simple.

A woman with ejaculate inside of her – no matter how it got there – is not necessarily consenting to pregnancy.

Not. The. Same. Thing.

Government-Forced Pregnancies

Let’s talk terminology.

Lots of people are griping that “Pro-Life” should mean pro-life, instead of being used to mean anti-abortion. The argument is that the Pro-Life stance should include things like prenatal care, access to childcare, and other things that foster and nourish, you know, life.

And that makes sense, but I’d also like to hear another term added to the mix: government-forced pregnancy.

A government-forced pregnancy is a pregnancy that is required by the government. It is a pregnancy that must be carried to term – whatever that may mean – in any set of medical circumstances.

It is a pregnancy that must exist, regardless of how the woman feels about it.

It is a pregnancy that must exist even if it’s going to kill the woman.

Or the girl. Because even if she’s 12, she will have to remain pregnant if she’s pregnant.

Even if she was raped by her uncle, she will have to be pregnant because the government will force her to.

Does that sound horrible?

Does to me.

But if it doesn’t to you, try this.

What if the government mandated abortions? What if the only pregnancies were government-approved?

What if the government reviewed pregnancies and determined whose got to stay and whose had to go. “Nope,” the committee might say, “too risky.”

Or, “Nope. You don’t have enough money. Might be a drain on the state.”

It is terrifying to involve the government at this level of our lives, not to mention achingly immoral to inflict our beliefs about “who should be pregnant” onto each other.

And that is the reality of every piece of anti-choice legislation.

Abortion & Women I Have Known

I know of 3 people in my life whose mothers were advised to have abortions. The mothers declined. Babies and mothers turned out fine in all 3 cases. I’m glad to have known these 3 people.

One of them was my first great love. Thinking of him now as I type still stirs my heart. He was many beautiful things to me, and I always felt especially indebted to his mother. But her choice had nothing to do with me. It was what she had to do. And I mean “had to” based on her own internal compass… not “had to” because she was forced to.

Given her own unique case, beliefs, and medical structure she made the best choice for herself and her family.

Sometimes I used to imagine how different my life would have been if she had chosen an abortion. Does that have any bearing on my stance on abortion? No. None. It was her choice. And that’s exactly what’s appropriate.

I have known many women – and you do, too – who have had abortions. And I’m sure there are many more I am unaware of because it’s none of my damn business. 

These women had various reasons and differing levels of financial resources, but they had one thing in common. While they were grateful for the option to have an abortion, they did not “love” their abortion. They would have preferred not to have been pregnant in the first place.


If You’re Actually Pro-Life and Not Just Anti-Choice in Sheep’s Clothing

Let’s say you believe that you must do something to prevent abortion. In addition to not having an abortion yourself, there is one more thing you can do.

And the fellas can get in on this one, since apparently they still run the shit-show up in DC, et al.

STEP 1: Get your head out of the sand.

STEP 2: Make birth control accessible for women and teen-aged girls.

In one of the biggest fucking no duh statistics known to humankind, abortion rates go way down when women and girls have access to sexual education and birth control. When abortion is a last resort in a series of easily accessible choices, it becomes more infrequent.

Do you know what doesn’t eradicate abortions? Fucking legislating against them.

They do not go away.

They just move to the back alleys. That is reality.

Keepin’ It Real

Women seeking abortions are not a danger to the state. Not literally and not philosophically.

You might get a dopamine rush out of calling them “baby killers,” but they are not the same people who unload assault rifles in elementary schools, for example. Many of them are mothers, or become mothers later in life. They are in untenable situations, and cannot – for whatever reason that is no one else’s business – handle a pregnancy.

Are women morally bound to be pregnant simply because they have the necessary anatomical parts?

Some people, clearly, believe yes.

So then the question becomes, do those “yes” people have the right to force that belief on others through legislation in this country?

Some people, clearly, believe yes.

Much of this is tangled up in people’s concerns about their Man-God and His will. Well, good news! If abortions are punishable by God, you’re off the hook! Let God do the punishing or forgiving, or whatever it is that you believe God will do in this case.

You, instead, can be freed up to concentrate on “loving your neighbor” and other helpful – and hard! – Bible hints about “how to live life in the image of Christ without being a complete fuck-wad.”

Seriously, people. If you really wanna make a difference in the abortion rate, quit throwin’ your damn stones; pass out rubbers and birth control pills instead.