Calling bullshit on the gun bullshit

by Mae Currell

I’ve written about gun fanaticism before here and here and even offered friendly soul-saving suggestions to our sanctimonious NRA-bought Congressional representatives here.

So do I have anything new to say here and now after the school shooting in Florida?


Prolly not. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s complete and utter bullshit.


So maybe I just have some questions this time, and I’ll even skip the one that goes “What in the fuck is *wrong* with these psychopaths in Congress… and the psychopathic citizens who support their inaction?” I’m not sure such questions are ultimately helpful. But maybe some of the following are.

  1. What would happen if mass shootings were routinely carried out by people of color, instead of white men?
  2. What would Congress do if school shootings occurred primarily in private schools and academies? (You know where *their* children go to school.)
  3. Why does shouting “mental health problems” mean that we shouldn’t make it harder for mentally ill people to get guns?
  4. Why do the second amendment rights secured for a “well-regulated militia” apply to individuals with a thirst for assault rifles?
    1. Ever noticed that the second amendment says absolutely zero words about individuals having shitloads of high-powered automatic killing machines?
    2. But it definitely says the words “well-regulated militia.” Fine! So let’s regulate that shit. Make some well-regulated militias. It’d be better than this shit-show.
  5. If grown humans want to play with high-powered automatic killing machines – and I assert that if that’s how you like to feel powerful, the two best places for you are in therapy and/or in the military –  then why don’t we create shooting clubs for them? Places where they can shoot all day long. Places where they can feel special. Places where their. weapons. must. stay.

  6. Why does any mentally fit civilian need militarized weaponry?
    1. It ain’t for hunting deer.
  7. Do mentally fit people *really* believe having such weapons will put them on the same footing as the government?
    1. Spoiler alert: The government will napalm our asses before it’ll let us rise up and revolt 1776-style.
  8. Why don’t we love our country’s children more than our guns?
    1. Because some of those children don’t look like we do?
    2. Because we think it won’t happen to *our* children?
    3. Because we’re scared and projecting shit all over the place?
  9. If people are sad about losing their assault rifles, why don’t we just offer them our “thoughts and prayers?”
  10. Why does the GOP believe the second amendment = the right to turn this country into hell?

My guess is the answer is probably blowing in the wind, and that’s just not fucking good enough.

Get real, assault-rifle-loving-America. You’re completely full of shit.