I love people, but sometimes we disappoint me. Which is also how I feel about the south.

I’m a southern writer. And I roundly reject the notion of the south as the country’s scapegoat.

It is wearisome to recognize that the rest of the country treats the south like we’re the only geographic location in the US that’s home to racist, misogynistic morons. Tard uvit. (That looks like Latin, but read it aloud.)

It is further wearisome to behold the south projecting every kick in the teeth back out into the world like racist, misogynistic morons. Let’s be classier and better mannered than that, for fuck’s sake.

I don’t claim to be the voice of the south or anything. But this is my voice. And it is deeply steeped in the south.

Although this doesn’t really fit, I want to say somewhere that my writing crushes include Emily Dickinson, LM Montgomery, Roald Dahl, Barbara Kingsolver, and Ta -Nehisi Coates.